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TeleAnatomy Concept
Tele Anatomy is the exchange of Human Anatomy knowledge over a distance to quench the thirst of the leanrners of Anatomy.

This applies to images, discussions, lab data, and any other type of medically relevant information.

According to the formal definition of Tele Anatomy:

"It is the information of Human Anatomy exchanged from one site to another via electronic media for the education of medical students."

TeleAnatomy was founded by Dr. Ramiz Iqbal Hashmi on November 15, 2004.

Being doctors it is our duty to search for knowledge and help those who are interested in gaining the knowledge.
Aims and Objectives
The aim of this project is to upgrade the Human Anatomy knowledge among the undergraduate and post graduate medical students studying in every corner of the world. The approach is to connect the medical students, using the most modern Information Technology (IT).
Benefits of Tele Anatomy
This technology can be used to educate the medical students in different medical colleges through distant learning. Tele Anatomy promises to be useful in distant medical education.